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Monday, 16. March 2015

Do you need any specific training to be a real estate agent?

By pioneertraining, 10:40

In order to start working as a real estate agent in Singapore, you definitely need to undergo training from a reputed institute. There are many institutes in the country that offer real estate courses to agents. In order to acquire the real estate agent’s license, you need to clear an exam conducted by the Council for Estate Agencies.

Some of you might think that adequate amounts of money to set up an office space and a database with plenty of contacts alone would help you become a real estate agent. You will not be able to prosper in this trade if you start off without doing adequate research regarding the industry. You will also need to understand about plenty of things in the industry in order to take your business to great heights. The course in real estate conducted by the CEA will be of great help in setting things right for you.

In order to start working as a real estate agent in the country, you need to have a real estate agency. You should also hire a few salespersons to work for you. The candidates you hire should have completed the RES course. It would be better to hire candidates from a reputed RES course provider. Majority of the course providers in the country will help you to choose good candidates from their institute because providing placement facilities is a major part they play in order to stay competent in business. You can also choose the same institute to take up the course for real estate agents. The REA certification is essential in order start working as an agent in the country. If you choose a good institute that has a great reputation for courses for the REA and RES in Singapore, you will be able to take your business to soaring heights with ease.

When you undergo training for the agents from a good institute, you will be able to handle customers and real estate salespersons better. Choose a good institute and make good use of the training sessions!

Monday, 02. February 2015

Difference between Pre and post licensing for real estate

By pioneertraining, 13:30

In order to be a successful real estate agent, you need to be highly skilled in understanding the needs of your clients. You need to provide good assistance to your clients and help them to find the properties that they are looking for in the country. To make this possible, you need to undergo training from a good institute that offers real estate course. Pre-licensing courses are the best as it will make you fully equipped to face your daily challenges at work with confidence. The RES course approved by the CEA is the best one available in the country to help you enjoy a good career in the real estate industry. When you take up the course for RES Singapore, you will be provided classroom training sessions by highly qualified real estate professionals and retired lawyers. The course will cover the laws and regulations related to the industry and will help you to complete the documentation that follows while closing a real estate deal for a client. You need to choose a good RES course provider in the country to complete the pre-licensing course. The course will help you to pass the RES exam which will help you to acquire the real estate license.

Sometimes, you would need assistance in brushing up the portions related to the real estate industry after acquiring the license. You might require some help in learning about the newly incorporated laws and regulations in the industry and might also need to polish your interpersonal skills. If you are not really happy with the work that you do after acquiring the license, it would be ideal to enroll for post-licensing training sessions. You can rely on course providers in the country that conducts real estate sales training sessions. You will be able to revise the portions that you had already learned before passing the exams. When you retake the sessions with a new batch of candidates, you will be able to learn new things. You will be able to enhance your communication skills too. Since you have the license already, you will not have to go through the exam sessions another time but the course will definitely help you to perform better at work. You will be able to close more deals when you take up the post-licensing courses with a good institute in the country.

Wednesday, 24. December 2014

How profitable is the real estate business in Singapore

By pioneertraining, 10:44
The real estate business in Singapore is quite promising because of various reasons. The amenities available in the country attract a lot of expats to the country. Quite a lot of multinational companies have their facilities in the country because of the favorable conditions. The tourism sector in the country is also quite strong and attracts a lot of travelers from around the world. All this helps the real estate market in a good way.

There is huge demand for commercial as well as residential spaces in the country. The norms to start a business in the country are quite attractive and hence plenty of people start their business ventures in the country. In order to run a business, an office space is needed. Many multinational companies that have presence in other parts of the world expand their operations to Singapore because of the ideal conditions. This again creates a huge demand for commercial properties. This also brings in a huge demand for residential properties. This is one of the greatest reasons for the popularity of RES course in the country.

Plenty of people understand the benefits of investing in the real estate market in the country. There are quite of lot of people working in multinational firms who earn big fat salaries. They consider the real estate market as the easiest sector to multiply their investments in a limited period of time. This is mainly because of the huge demand for properties in the country. The people who earn huge amounts as salary seek the assistance of RES Singapore in order to invest in the real estate sector. When the properties they buy acquire a certain value they sell it off with the help of the real estate salespersons in order to gain massive profits.

The country is ideal to start business organizations. The country is ideally located to access the other parts of the world via water transport and the airport facilities are also impeccable. The facilities available in the country attract plenty of investors from around the world to Singapore. All these help the real estate sector in the country to a great extend. This is the key reason why a reputed RES course provider in the country attracts a lot of candidates. There is huge demand for real estate agents in the country because this is one of the most profitable business domains.

Monday, 24. November 2014

What are the biggest misconceptions about real estate agents?

By pioneertraining, 12:50
There are plenty of misconceptions existing today regarding real estate agents. Many people believe that the job of a real estate agent is easy. This is however a great misconception. In order to do the job of a real estate agent, a person has to possess strong interpersonal skills. They have to travel a lot to meet the various needs of the clients. The agents will also have to take care of all the paper works related to the transfer of ownership in case of a property sale and the lease agreement in case of a rental property. All the jobs require great skills because the minutest details regarding the properties are also of immense importance.

Quite a lot of people believe that real estate agents mislead their clients. This is not true at all. The agents will provide details regarding properties only after considering all the possible parameters. In todayís world information related to anything and everything is easily available with the help of few keyboard strokes and mouse clicks if you have a computer. There is a good amount of competition too in field of real estate agents. Hence, in order to do well at work, the information provided to the clients will be verified to be true by every agent. Hence, the agents will never mislead the clients.

Some of the clients think that the agents just blabber about things that they are not fully aware of. In reality, agents become eligible for the job only after going through a series of training sessions and exams. A real estate agent will get the license only upon completion of the real estate sales training. The training is conducted by a CEA approved RES course provider. This course will make sure that the rules and regulations related to the industry are understood by the candidates. After this process an exam for RES in Singapore is conducted by the CEA and only upon passing this will the candidate acquires a license. All this will definitely make an agent knowledgeable about his or her job. All the things that the real estate agents talk regarding the properties to a client are hence not just a blabber. The licensed agents working for reputed real estate agencies will provide you only with factual information.

Saturday, 25. October 2014

What makes condos a hot property for the salespersons in Singapore?

By pioneertraining, 09:47
There are plenty of reasons that make condos a hot properly for the salespersons in Singapore. People who are done with the RES course in the country start their careers with one of the top real estate agencies in the country. In order to survive in the market, you need to be highly competent. The condos market is really huge in the country but most of the salespersons would be trying to strike a positive deal every day. You need to hence make your moves intelligently. Here are some of the reasons that make condos popular in Singapore.


A lot of travelers visit Singapore from different parts of the world to enjoy a vacation with family. When compared to staying in hotels, condos offer better facilities and privacy without costing a lot of money. This has made condos a very popular property in the tourism segment. When you work as a salesperson in the real estate market, you will be able to attract a lot of tourists and win some good returns when you can find condo rental deals. You need to identify the major areas in the country first and look for condos in the area in order to enjoy better returns.


Plenty of business organizations send their executives to Singapore to serve their requirements. To make the accommodation of these executives topnotch most of the companies choose condos in the country. This will help them to provide impeccable facilities without spending too much money. Since the major amenities in condos are shared by different people, companies sending multiple numbers of executives would prefer condos. When you strike a positive deal with one of the business organizations, you will be able to enjoy better margins compared to the rates provided by your other customers. When you work as an RES in Singapore, you should try your best to strike positive deals with business enterprises because they will keep sending executives to the country and hence you will be able to enjoy long term deals.


There are many people who travel to Singapore all alone. They would require a cozy place away from the busy city to sleep during the nights. Condos offer a lot of comfort to such travelers. When you work for a real estate agency in the country, you might have to meet monthly targets. When you find potential travelers who visit the country all alone, you will be able to easily guide them to a condo apartment because it would be wallet-friendly and comfortable for them. When you explain the benefits offered by this type of apartments, you will be able to easily win their favor.


Singapore also has plenty of luxury condos. You will be able to attract premium travelers who would look for luxurious travel facilities during their visit to the country when you have a database containing the details of luxury condos. When you work as a RES Singapore, you should always identify the most profitable real estate deals in order to enjoy the best returns. Luxury condos would be a great way of making money compared to selling different other type of properties.

Saturday, 18. October 2014

Benefits of Real Estate Course in Singapore

By pioneertraining, 09:25
So youíve decided to get into the real estate business; congratulations. A profession in real estate market is a great career choice, especially for those who already have some selling experience or training in this field. The opportunity to earn money in this sector is much greater than most of the other professions out there.

Before venturing into the real estate business, you need to undertake a real estate course that would simplify your learning process and help you towards obtaining a valid license. Becoming a realtor requires more skills than just having desire to sell out homes. A RES agent should have strong determination and guts to deal situations, a polished presence both physical as well as verbal and an encyclopedic knowledge about the local real estate market.

Real estate prices go higher with every passing year in Singapore, and a career in this field will help you to reap the huge monetary potential inherent in the local real estate market. Decision making is the key, and to succeed in this arena you should be able to perceive in the right direction and know how and where to invest. A handy course in real estate would give you the necessary skill and vision that are a must to venture into this field.

With the coming of internet into our lives, a number of options have emerged in each and every scenario and real estate sector is no different. Nowadays, along with traditional classroom courses, you have the ease and convenience of enrolling in an online real estate school. Online real estate course imparts you the freedom to select your learning hours and schedule your education according to your commitments and time frame. It is the most suitable option for the working adults, who can earn and learn simultaneously.

Doing a real estate course in Singapore will help you in understanding the city in a better way from a realtorís prospective. The course will give you a deep insight of various locations of the island country that are ideally suited for a booming real estate market in near future. The course will enrich your knowledge about the diverse cultural backgrounds of the populace of Singapore and polish your skills to tackle situations based on a particular state of affairs.

Thursday, 16. October 2014

Tips for Choosing the Right Institute for the RES Course in Singapore

By pioneertraining, 12:29
If you are eyeing at the career of a real estate agent in Singapore, you should complete the professional RES course in the country. The course is mandatory for appearing in the RES exam conducted by the Council for Estate Agencies, Singapore. After passing the exam, you will get your license to work as a real estate agent in the country.

Choose the correct schedule

There are many institutes in Singapore that provide the course in real estate to the aspiring candidates, but you should be careful in selecting the right course provider for your purpose, because course completion from only those institutes that are approved by the CEA are regarded as viable for applying for the RES exam Singapore. Many institutes offer evening and weekend classroom sessions along with regular sessions to cater to the needs of working students. If you already engaged in a job, you can leverage this facility provided by various institutes to pursue your course without any hassle.

Qualification of the faculty members

Support of the trainers and lecturers is vital to complete the RES Singapore. As such, you should select the course provider that employs highly qualified lecturers. Choose an institute where the majority of trainers have at least ten years of real estate experience. Experienced faculty will be helpful in providing the in depth knowledge of the real estate industry and guide you efficiently towards learning the RES course content. The best institute will hire actual realtors to train you in a professional manner.

Preparatory sessions

Competent course providers will provide additional sessions to clear your doubts before you appear for the RES exam. These special sessions are conducted after the completion of regular classes. During these special preparatory sessions you will be able to raise your doubts and get them cleared with the help of your faculties. Thus, choose the provider that has provision for special preparatory sessions in their schedule.

Make-up sessions

At times, it may happen that owing to one reason or other, you missed a couple of classroom sessions. On rejoining, you had to study new lessons with other candidates in the batch. Thus, it is wise to look for those providers who have provisions for arranging a few make-up sessions to cover up the left over or missed portions of the course. In this way, you will be on a safer side and complete your course without any flaws.

Wednesday, 15. October 2014

How to Select a Real Estate Agent

By pioneertraining, 13:49
For a vast majority of individuals, purchasing a house is the biggest financial investment of their lifetime. As such, it becomes vital to make a serious consideration with respect to selecting the right real estate agent. As far as Singapore is concerned, all new realtors are required to complete a real estate license course before venturing into this field. This has increased the quality of service customers get while buying and selling their properties. However, you should take due care while selecting the real estate agent for your purpose.


As far as reputation goes, not all real estate agents are same. Consider the one that has a reputation of going well with clients and transacting parties. Communication skills are an important aspect of this business, and a lot depends on how your agent speaks and portrays property descriptions while dealing with parties. Stay away from agents who have a reputation of getting pushy, argumentative and unprofessional. The RES course has been made mandatory for all the new agents in Singapore and trains individuals venturing into this field to have a professional approach towards their clients. Your agent should listen to your needs carefully and give them due weight-age while guiding you to a neighborhood to reveal properties that are perfect for you.

Geographical Area of expertise

Your agent should be well aware of all the local rules and regulations prevalent in the area. For example, the property transfer taxes vary from one locality to another; as such your agent should have a profound knowledge about the local custom charges to avoid paying unnecessary charges and penalties later on.

Selecting a Real Estate Agent

The word of mouth usually serves as the best source of information about a particular real estate agent. Just inquire whether your prospective agent has undertaken real estate sales training and know the basic ethics that govern property deals in Singapore. Make it a point to interview more than one agent; this way you will get a choice and also become aware of the prevalent rates encompassing your deal. It would be wise to ask for the credentials regarding qualification and inquire about their past deals before selecting the one for your purpose.

Tuesday, 07. October 2014

A Career in Real Estate Sector in Singapore

By pioneertraining, 13:09

Singapore is a country that attracts investors from all over the globe, who come to this mesmerizing location for business prospects. In recent years, the real estate market in this island nation has witnessed dramatic changes and surge in property prices. Many people coming to this location for studies, service or trade often settle here charmed with its culture and high standard of living. All this has made the real estate market to reach new heights and immovable properties are in great demand at Singapore. If you are looking to make a career in real estate, you can make bright fortune with unlimited income. Also you will be able to work on your own schedules.

But the career is a bit different from other jobs; here you’ll be required to deal with different kinds of people, people belonging to different backgrounds, cultures and professions. You’ll be required to convince them with your deals and prospects. Thus, you should be an extrovert knowing to deal with situations and tackle circumstances turning them towards your favor. If you are able to withstand through the initial testing phase, it’s likely that you would be able to shape up a rewarding career afterwards. The perks are excellent in this sector and you would be able to lead a respectable life with financial stability.

In order to become a real estate salesperson in Singapore, the first and foremost requirement is to pass the RES exam. This is a mandatory qualification, and all incumbents are required to clear this exam conducted by the Council for Estate Agencies (CEA). The demand for RES Singapore is on a rise, because only RES exam pass candidates can attain their license for becoming a real estate salesperson and facilitate buying and selling of immovable properties.

RES exam consists of two papers and clearing both the papers successfully is mandatory. In order to appear in the examination, you need to complete the RES course from a CEA accredited institute. Passing both the papers of RES exam is not an easy task and requires detailed study and serious efforts. You should attend your classroom sessions attentively and duly devote your time towards studies so that you can complete it successfully in a single attempt.

Thursday, 07. August 2014

How to Capture a Lead’s Contact Info in Real Estate Business

By pioneertraining, 15:19
In real estate your business, consistency is fuelled by the number of contacts in your database. Here’s a tip to get the contact info of people you meet to enrich your contact list. You might get a chance to comprehend a number of techniques to converse with people while pursuing your real estate course; still this tip will help you to get leads for your business.

Many times during conversing with people you will come along a point when they ask, “Can I have your business card please”. How will you reply to this? This is an easy opportunity for you to turn the asking person as one of your leads. You can use this opportunity to get the contact info of the inquiring person.

Your reply should be something like this. “Oh! I don’t have them right now, can you please tell me your email so that I can drop my contact info at your id. This way you can have my info when you need it. And if you tell me your phone number, I can verify whether I sent it to the correct address.”

You are in a real estate business, and this involves dealing with people more than dealing with properties. Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, open up your mouth and talk to people. Talk to them in different matters and present your knowledgeable self. Ask them their contact information, so that you can send them the valuable real estate news, views and recommendations time to time.

Most individuals looking to undertake a license course real estate think that getting a license means getting a job. But, real estate sector is not that straightforward. If you want to succeed, you have to make your own niche. You have to create a name so that the world recognizes you by your name in real estate market.

It is well established that real estate business stands on your client base and more number of contacts in your database means more business. Even people who don’t have to buy property prove out to be useful as they recommend you to other people in their circle and bring in prospective buyers. A real estate license course teaches you the basics of real estate marketing, local rules and regulations, and used in this sector. However, this business requires certain inherent qualities such as relentless efforts, tackling difficulties, foresightedness and smart decision making ability at the first place to succeed.

Tuesday, 08. July 2014

RES course Singapore – Things to know

By pioneertraining, 12:49
Real estate industry has witnessed a boom in recent years in Singapore with property prices rocketing up like never before. There is immense earning potential in this sector, and a career in real estate can be a source of huge income over time. The number of aspirants indulging in real estate business increased tremendously in recent years, and the Singapore Govt. was forced to implement certain norms and regulations encompassing the business to ensure quality of service and principled dealing practices involved in the business.

All new candidates are now required to pass the RES exam (Real Estate Salesperson exam). The exam is conducted by a regulatory body CEA (Council for Estate Agencies). If you want to take up the RES exam, it is mandatory to register with CEA. The council has made it clear that all candidates registering for the RES exam should pursue real estate license course with at least 50 hours of classroom lessons. The course should be undertaken only from certain CEA approved providers.

Thus, in order to become a realtor, you have to undertake real estate sales training provided by CEA approved institutes. There are many such institutes in Singapore that provide hands on training in real estate and guide you through all the pre-requisites for taking up the RES exam.

Before venturing into the real estate business, just judge yourself, whether you have the required skills or not. Although license course real estate is targeted to shape up your skills regarding buying and selling immovable properties and boosting your knowledge about prevalent laws, technical terms and rules and regulations governing the real estate business, but the path of real estate agent is not that easy as it seems from outside. You should have certain inherent qualities of perseverance and tactfulness to deal unique situations.

Donít forget that real estate business is all about money, and you may require investing considerable amounts during starting phase of your business for setting up your office and initiating new deals. Thus, you should think more than twice and assess all the factors before taking a leap ahead in the real estate business.

Friday, 20. June 2014

Importance of CEA Approved RES Course

By pioneertraining, 13:56
Real estate industry in Singapore has experienced a boom in recent years and future prospects are also bright in this sector; as such, more and more youths are increasingly taking the career of an estate agent to make their fortunes and earn big money. Owing to huge demand of professionals in the real estate and to ensure the credibility of the business, Singapore Govt. has framed various rules and regulations for real estate agents. Now, before venturing into the real estate business, individuals are required to pass the RES exam (Real Estate Salesperson Exam). This exam is conducted by the Council of Estate Agencies (CEA). To pass the RES exam individuals should pursue a course in real estate. As RES exam is conducted by CEA, individuals look for CEA Approved RES Course Provider so that they can get proper training and help to pursue the course and attain their license in real estate in an effective manner.

This pattern of undergoing a specialized course, passing RES exam and then venturing into the business ensures that real estate industry is equipped with some of the most talented, well qualified and professionally competent persons who uphold the ethical and good trading standards while conducting their business.

It should be noted that only courses provided by CEA approved course providers will be recognized for registration/ licensing purposes.

The syllabus of the RES course has been framed in context to the Govt. laws prevailing in the Singapore real estate sector for transactions involving lease and purchase of immovable properties in the Singapore region. The course ensures that the candidate possesses the basic knowledge regarding the terminology and concepts of the real estate sale and leasing and complies with the Govt. rules and regulations in their dealings. However the syllabus does not include foreign laws and real estate agents are advised to familiarize themselves about such laws and regulations in the foreign countries when advising their clients to invest in real estate of a foreign country.

Thursday, 08. May 2014

Attend the Best Real Estate Course for Your Future

By pioneertraining, 13:06

If you have ever wondered why you need a real estate course, here is the answer – these courses will open up lots of doors and lots of opportunities.  For example, you can start your own blogging for real estate in Singapore. This will let you learn everything there is to know about RES. You will learn what you need to know about blogging in this area, if you already have a real estate business but it’s not working properly, it will help you boost it and you will get lots and lots of new ideas.


Apart from this, a specialized course will let you understand why every investment made in the real estate area is unique in its own kind. Also, you will know more about all types of mortgages – all these will come along with their advantages and drawbacks. You will know about adjustable rate and fixed rate mortgages, zero down loans, interest only loan and also about exotic and balloon mortgages.


Taking a real estate course in Singapore will improve your agent skills. With one of these courses you will be able to get started – if you want to set up your business, or further improve your skills- if you are already a real estate agent. You will know more about planning, incomes and expenses, sphere of influence and marketing, what you should do right after setting up your business and how to keep it current and start improving it. You will learn the most important things about a business plan, budgeting, marketing and lot of other useful information that is required in running a successful real estate company. 


All these information will be provided with bonuses, like how to build and maintain your list of contacts and prospects. Also, managing them can prove to be quite of a challenge, and you will get the needed information for this.


Wednesday, 09. April 2014

Tips to comfortably complete the RES course in Singapore

By pioneertraining, 11:59
Plenty of aspiring real estate salespersons enrolls for the prestigious RES course in Singapore. The real estate industry offers a lot of jobs to successful candidates. There are many real estate agencies looking for skilled professional to meet their growing needs of attending to potential customers and closing property deals. You will not have to loiter around without a job if you complete the course in flying colors. Now, how to complete the course easily? Here are few tips that I found useful while preparing for the course myself.

The institute

Choice of the institute is something that needs a great lot of importance. I had cleared the RES exam only in my second attempt. The institute I had initially chosen for RES in Singapore was not of great standards and hence I could not understand the course syllabus well. The second institute was way different though. The overall approach of the faculty members were way different compared to my previous experience. The faculty members showed great interest in clearing the doubts of the candidates and were always ready to explain the portions that were hard to understand. When you choose an institute make sure that the faculty members are all well qualified and helpful. It is always better to ask for a demo training session to understand the quality of training provided before paying your fees. Some of the institutes provide flexible class timings too which can be used to your advantage. If you are unable to attend the regular class on one particular day, you can compensate by attending the make-up sessions on another day. You should make sure that all the topics mentioned in the course syllabus are covered by the trainers before you appear for the exam. The inputs from experienced trainers are very essential in passing the exam easily.

Daily efforts

Even if you choose the best from the list of RES course provider in Singapore, your job is only half done. The remaining half depends on your dedication and hard work. You need to follow the instructions given by the trainers and practice mock exams from the portions covered at the institute on a daily basis. The two papers that are required to be cleared for attaining the license consists of objective questions as well as detailed ones. You need to answer the questions with utmost care in order to pass the exam. This can be possible only if you take daily efforts to learn the topics. Last minute mug ups might not be helpful because the portions are wide. Hence, get ready to dedicate few hours every day in learning the RES exam topics in order to complete the course successfully.

Saturday, 01. March 2014

How to choose the best RES course provider in Singapore

By pioneertraining, 10:38

The real estate industry of Singapore offers plenty of job options to the young generation. The career as a salesperson in the industry can help you with a sound monthly income and this is one the key reasons why more people come forward to this industry. In order to start with this career, you need to complete the license course real estate which is approved by the Council for Estate Agencies in the country. You can complete the course only with the help of an approved training center. You will have to clear two papers in order to attain the license and start your job with a real estate agency.  You must now be thinking how to get Res Course in Singapore? Here are few points that need consideration in order to choose the best RES (real estate salesperson) course provider.

Availability of expert trainers

You need to make sure that the RES course provider helps you with the services of expert trainers. When you compare the different institutes offering the course in the country, you should ask about the faculty members and their qualifications. Choose an institute where the faculty includes real estate professionals and lawyers because they are the ones who are well versed with the industry. The course deals with the rules and regulations of the real estate industry and also the requirements expected of a salesperson in this domain. If the faculty members are experienced, you will be able to understand the subjects with ease and pass the exam without any trouble.

Innovative teaching methods

Not everyone understands the subject when it is taught in a particular way. You might need an extra session to understand the topics well or sometimes need an explanation from a different perspective. Make sure that the institute that implements advanced teaching methods to complete the portions. When you visit an institute prior to your admissions, take a look at the classrooms. Make sure that they provide state-of-the-art facilities. Use of audio and video facilities for the training sessions would be a great advantage. You will be able to learn your lessons with much more ease when such facilities are provided.

Value for money

The course provider should offer you true value for money. You should make sure that the training sessions at the institute are fully useful in completing the course. If you miss a class or two due to emergency reasons, you should be provided with makeup sessions in order to cover the portions missed. Some of you might not be able to attend all the classes due to other engagements. Availability of online training sessions would be a huge plus during such situations. The most important factor that you need to keep in mind is that the RES exam is conducted by the CEA and not by the institute. Hence, you need to be well versed with the portions mentioned in the syllabus in order to clear the exam. Make sure that the institute takes all required measures to teach you the entire lessons well.